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10 Most Common Problems and Resolve Tricks

by on October 10, 2013

Whether you’re managing your dad’s decade-old laptop or your own customized Gaming PC, troubleshooting PC issues could be a part of life. Before you spend $40 for repairing your system, though, attempt your hand at my blog. I surveyed and spoke to a number of the most expert support reps within the business regarding the foremost common issues they fix—and however you’ll be able to get it on yourself.

Chapter 1 Try this first

Let’s have a look on your computer’s performance, I know it looks like a no-brainer, but before we start you need to restart your computer, this is a very simple step that every newbie can do it easily, yet this is a long lasting trick to maintain your computer’s performance.


Frequently inspecting your operating system update is necessary, doing this will keep your system up to date with latest hardware drivers, detects & resolves software & security related issues and maintain your system performance.

Your ignorance can lead your system towards malfunction and even most of the viruses can attack your system easily.

If you are facing difficulty with a peripheral, switch off and on your system updates and if does not work then finally do one more thing, unplug and reconnect the device, it will show you a list of most recent update of system drivers, download them and do full installation.

Chapter 2 If Your Machine is Too Much Slow

First of all you have to detect the problem which is doing your computer slower. Some videos take too much time to buffer and websites that take long time to open, can’t be your system’s problem. A very well-known software engineer describes that many people blame their computer system as the reason of this issue whereas it’s actually not the computer problem, [but] their broadband connection.” Have a look below for instructions on how to use Speedtest.net to diagnose a slow connection.


If it’s really your PC’s issue then please check whether your hard drive have enough space for saving files or not because operating system requires extra free space to create files at the moment when your system is running. If your hard drive have insufficient space, performance suffers. So you need to wipe some unused data from your hard disk.


Usually operating systems are installed on C: drive, and when you will clean up some space from it, your operating system will run as smooth as silk and perform like a charm.

Your OS has another awesome tool installed on your machine which is called Microsoft’s System Configuration tool for tackling slow performance. When you restart or switch on your system many applications starts automatically, which you may have no need of this, Specifically when you are using old computer it takes long time to boot up. Make a routine of disable the startup items. Open Microsoft configuration tool by pressing “Windows Key + R”, a small popup will appear type there “msconfig”, and press Enter.

A system configuration window will appear, where you can see different tabs on it, you should directly click on “Startup” tab, now a list of different programs will in front of you, here you have to take decision very carefully, there are some system programs if you will stop them to start up after rebooting then your system will not work, so you have to be careful about which application should be stop, these stopped applications can manually be started from programs and application.


Once you’ve done all your required changes, click Apply and then OK or directly OK and restart the computer. You will notice that your system will boot up quicker than ever before.

Chapter 3 Downloads are taking Much Time

If you are having connectivity problem then speedtest.net is one of the best troubleshooting tool. You can check here what your download and upload speeds are — with a ping under 100 milliseconds, possibly your Internet service provider’s advertised speeds should be at least 50 percent,

If you notice your speed result unsatisfactory, then make sure that you aren’t unconsciously downloading or uploading anything. Sometimes torrent files downloading process run in background and doesn’t visible, you can find it in system tray rather than the
task bar.


If your network is working fine you should get accurate result of your ping, download and upload speed.

Remember always keep your network hardware drivers up to date by checking windows automatic update, because doing this sometimes resolves your network issues.

Still facing problem, Contact your Internet Service provider, they can tell you and notify whether the problem is from your side. The Internet Service Provider can reset your network connection from their side and this could only resolve your issue as a last-ditch.

Chapter 4 Machine is Continuously Rebooting

For newbies diagnosing and resolving hardware problems are very difficult, sometimes after installing important windows update like network cards, graphic cards and sound card etc. To complete the installation process computer reboots for several times, so just make sure whether your pc is restarting due to these updates. But it can happen due to virus attack, overheating of your board or processor, due to adware or video graphic card malfunction.

What if your computer is making weird noises? If you are facing the problem of weird noises then do a thorough cleaning of your machine. Some latest computer systems have efficient component installed which shut down the computer upon overheating automatically.

Chapter 5 Unwanted Pop-up ads are displaying on your desktop

If you are not surfing internet or using any web browser but still getting different pop-up ads on your screen, surely you have installed adware program (Program that shows unwanted ads on your screen) on your system. And another thing is that you cannot uninstall these programs directly from control panel, these adware are invisible, you will find many programs and system utilities on internet to get rid of these adware, but actually these programs are useless, some of these will work and some will not.


So please avoid downloading these kind of programs which offer to speed up your system or clean up your registry. Alternatively use some trustworthy Anti-Malware tool of free version like “Malware Bytes”

Always use reliable anti-virus program and run full system scan twice or thrice a day, I recommend you to use Eset Nod32 or Avast Anti-virus or whatever you want, these anti-viruses doesn’t slower your system and efficiently detect your computer viruses.

Several anti-virus programs installed on single system can sometime result in problems, you should rely only on single anti-virus, and your computer will work smoothly. If after doing every above step fail to remove adware from your computer system then the only solution is complete operating system reinstall, but before take this step you should back up your important files from desktop or my documents, because once C:/ drive is cleaned, your file will not retrieve.

Chapter 6 Google doesn’t look right

Nasty breed of malware are hackers and hijackers, they are typically computer programmers who use their abilities in wrong ways to disturb computer programs and create problems for users. These type of hackers overcome your computer and programs to infect your system or steal your important information. Sometimes when you search your query in Google search engine your result redirect your result to fake pages which meant your system is being controlled by some hacker or hijacker.

Always use stable and reliable anti-virus to keep your system healthy, protected and virus free, and if your browser has already been hacked and infected then uninstall your browser and perform a complete system scan with your anti-virus along with “Malware Bytes” to remove the virus if any.

Chapter 7 Wi Fi isn’t connecting

Network or Wi-Fi connection problem is not less than a puzzle, before you contact with your Internet Service Provider, let me share few fruitful tips with you.


Microsoft windows has already installed a system tool named as “Windows Network Diagnostics”, we use this tool to resolve our network related issues, sometime “Windows Network Diagnostics” cannot resolve our problem but it can typically point out the most exact problem, after that we can resolve it.

First make sure your computer is receiving Wi-Fi signals or in range of wireless router, poor signals mean poor connection, confirm that your wireless card has most recent updated driver installed, right click on Wi-Fi signals in task bar and select Troubleshoot, then let the tool detecting problem, when it will detect the actual problem it will show you and will ask you whether you want to resolve by tool or not, select troubleshoot and let the tool to resolve, if problem persist and tool is failed to repair issue, then do contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Chapter 8 Printer Isn’t Printing any Document

Let’s suppose your printer has enough Ink and papers in printer’s tray but still not printing anything, turn your printer Off and On again, unplug your printer and plug it back also check your printer’s queue by selecting printer icon from system tray, a small window will appear where you can see your printer status and printing queue, sometimes your printer mode is selected as user offline, click on printer menu and uncheck “Use Printer Offline” your printer will be active again now select “Restart Printing” now your computer will work fine.


Chapter 9 Email Attachments are not Opening

First of all we need to understand programs and its extensions, every program save its file in a specific file format, these formats can be “.PDF, .Doc, .Docx, .Xls, .Xlsx, .ppt, .Jpg, .gif, .png and so on”, Sometimes when you download attachment file from email its extension removed and when you will open this file, computer will ask you with which program you want to open, then you will select the specific program according to its file, like if your file is PDF but have no extension then open with Adobe PDF Reader (You can download here) or any other program.


Second easiest way to open file, select the file and press “F2” and then type 3 alphabetic extension in the end of file name e.g. “My Document.pdf” with doing this hopefully your file will open without any obstacle.

Chapter 10 Favorite Programs are not working on PC

Make it sure that the program you are trying to open in your system should compatible with Operating System. Some Old Applications won’t work on Windows 8 and the applications made for other operating systems will definitely not work on Windows. Basically windows have 2 type of operating systems one is 32bit (also known as x86) and 2nd 64bit (also known as x64), some applications are made for 32bit operating and some for 64bit according to the requirement of operating system, few 32bit applications can install in 64bit operating system but not all.


So before installing any program make sure whether it’s compatible with your operating system or not, because sometime you can successfully install an application on different operating system but when you will open it an error will be occurred.

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