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How to Delete .tmp Files?

by onOctober 14, 2013

During process some programs/software generates extra files in a specific folder and give them extension as “.tmp”. If these files remain in system and exceed in quantity then software can be crashed and complain ratio can be increased. So my advice is not to keep these files for a long time in your system and delete them after every 2-3 days, to keep your system healthy and avoid any risk of program crash.

The question is How to Delete .tmp Files? The process is very simple and short, I am uploading screen shot of this entire process to make this tutorial easy for you and better to understand, and this screen shot has been taken from operating system windows 8.

The first step is you have to find these “.tmp” files from your computer, this is very easy, go to my computer and press “CTRL + F” this command is used to Find anything from system or you can directly click on find/search bar, usually this command can use in every windows operating systems.

Once computer has founded .tmp files, you just select all files by pressing “CTRL + A” and delete them permanently by (Shift + Del). You are done.

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