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Easiest Way to Transfer Data From One PC to Another

by onOctober 31, 2013

There are so many ways to connect different PCs/Laptop with each other to communicate or to transfer data from one PC to another one, typically this kind of procedure is called Networking, mostly to perform networking procedure we use network cables or WI-Fi routers, these are lengthy procedures, but reliable, networking have many types and I have described about its types and tricks in my other post, You can have a look here.

Today we are going to discuss an easy procedure to connect two computers with a Parallel USB cable, this is also a small Networking procedure, first of all we just need a “USB Networking Cable” it’s a special kind of USB cable with the same connectors on both sides, as you can see in the image below. In the middle of this USB Networking Cable there is an electric circuit to make a connection between two PCs/Laptop, there are many other cables with same USB connectors on both sides but have no electric circuit on it. These kind of cables is also known as “A/A USB Cables” or “Male USB Cables” these cables are usually used to connect Printers, Scanners or Cameras but if we use these cables to connect 2 PCs/Laptop then it can damage our computers like burning power supplies or USB ports.

If you want to transfer a large amount of data from one PC to another, then using USB Flash drives or burning CD/DVDs are just a waste of time, I suggest my readers to use USB Network Cable with at-least 2.0 transfer rate this will transfer your data in high speed.


To make connections and transfer data, you will need to complete the following requirements.

  • Ethernet Networking cable

Network Cable


  • A parallel peripheral cable, in case if you don’t have one, then you can use a Serial cable.

parallel peripheral cable

Serial Cable


  • An USB cable. (A driver installation CD should be along this)usb-2-network and data transfer cable

How to Use?

The Ethernet network cable is used to connect more than two PCs/Laptop to create a network, almost every PC/Laptop must have an Ethernet adapter/Card, but in case if other computer doesn’t have an Ethernet Adapter/Card then you can use a USB to Ethernet converter that will alternatively work the same.

Keep it in your mind if you are using Serial/Parallel cable to transfer data, you will not be able to connect more than two PCs/Laptops, so it’s better to use Ethernet cables to transfer data if you are going to transfer in more than two Computers because Ethernet cable can transfer data up to 100 Mbps speed.

Steps to Remember?

  • Both computers / Laptops should be logged into “Administrator” account, should have Administrative privileges and switched on.
  • USB Networking Cable should be plugged into USB Ports of both Computers / Laptops
  • After connecting USB cables, your computer / laptop will ask you to install drivers for the USB Network Cable, and also note that install this driver as a network adapter or a link adapter.
  • If you will install the driver as a network adapter then you can access the entire network of other PC or laptop, and if you have selected the option while installing driver as a link adapter then you will be allowed to transfer files from one PC to another.
  • Once you are done with your driver installation, you can now easily access another computer network or transfer files directly

In case you don’t have USB Network Cable driver, Please download from the link given below: (for Windows XP x86)

USB Network Cable Driver

Easiest Way to Transfer Data From One PC to Another

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    This is a useful post but don’t you think using a cloud service is a better idea now that we all have high speed internet access? Sites like MEGA offer 50 GB of free online storage. Anyway this is a good post and I really enjoy your site!


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