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Have you forgotten Windows XP Password?

by onApril 25, 2014

Have you forgotten Windows XP Password, there are many ways to find out lost XP password, I am writing here some of these techniques.

Trick 1: If you have one more account with “Administrative” privileges.

The very 1st and easiest way to access your compromised XP account, if you have other account with Administrative privileges, login you with this account and try changing your lost windows XP password.

Trick 2: Try reminding your forgotten Password by yourself

This is not a joke, and you must be thinking what I am saying. Therefore, before you try any tough technique or using any password breaking software. I need you to try reminding your forgotten password by yourself.

Many people have their password on general things; some of these passwords are very complicated and named on their closed people, famous places and or mixing with date of birth.

Please see below some options and try finding your lost password? Your password may have:

  1. Contained your name, your friends or family member’s name or a part from it?
  2. Contained your birthday or birthday of your loved one?
  3. Contained your home or office address or a part from it?
  4. Contained your pet’s name?
  5. Contained the name of your favorite meal?
  6. Contained your or relative’s telephone number?

Or a mixture of all above options

Trick 3: Try Using your Windows XP Password Reset Disk

Windows XP have an extremely elegant feature; many Windows XP users are not familiar with this. Yes this feature is called XP Password Reset Disk or Password Rescue Disk, if you have previous created your Password Reset Disk and even after creating this disk you have again changed your password, don’t worry your rescue disk will definitely work to change your system password. And just chill your password is in your pocket.

Follow these mentioned steps to change your lost password.

Step 1: Click on option Password reset disk, after clicking this option a Password reset wizard will start. This wizard will let you create new password of your forgotten user password.

Step 2: If you have created your Password reset disk on Compact Disk then insert this Disk in your system’s CD Rom and click next to continue.

Step 3: An option will appear in front of your computer screen, there will b an option to change your old password, type a new password in this box and click next.

Step 4: After all these steps click Finish and your XP login screen will appear now.

Trick 4: Change your lost password by using Windows XP Password Recovery Program.

Still not succeeded? Let’s try a most tricky and technical method, in this step we will use Windows XP Password Recovery Program.

This program is designed to reset Windows XP Password without logging into Windows, there are many software and programs to reset lost/forgotten passwords in Windows XP, but the software which I am going to share with you is most valuable and powerful.

I am sharing this software and few simple steps to reset your password:

Step 1: Download this software “Windows XP Password Recovery

Step 2: Burn Windows Password Recovery 6.0 on CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

Step 3: After successful burning process insert the written media in your computer, a password reset wizard will automatically start and your password will be reset.

Originally Source: Smartkey
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