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Install Windows XP in just 10 minutes: How to?

by onApril 25, 2014

Windows XP is one of the best Operating System among Microsoft’s other released OS, it runs smoothly on any least specified computers, this is the reason many people prefer to install Windows XP on their machines.

In this tutorial I am gonna share a time saving tip with you, a lot of XP users say that Windows XP takes long time to install on their computers, mostly; people make ghost of Windows XP to save their time and to boost up the process of installation, but after installation or sometime it becomes unstable.

To resolve this problem I will share a step by step procedure, with which anyone can install Windows XP in just 10 minutes, and also it will be perfect and more stable, no any software or ghost program required.

Let’s start the procedure as we normally start installing Windows XP.

Step 1:

Insert Windows XP CD in CD/DVD Rom and reboot your system, after post screen display a message will appear “Press any key to boot from CD…” if your system doesn’t ask this, then change your settings and make CD/DVD boot priority on 1st position or press F12 to enter in boot devices menu. Some computer manufacturers have different short key to enter in boot menu.

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Step 1, Press any key

Step 2:

After when installation procedure will be started, and you will reach at the location where installer will ask you to format your Hard Disk, select appropriate drive partition and then select NTFS/FAT32 format type but I will recommend NTFS as this is the best format type for security point of view.

 Step 2, Format Drive

Now your computer will restart and your actual installation will began, a graphical installation screen will be appeared, when you will see “Setup will complete in approximately: 39 minutes” on your screen, Press “SHIFT + F10”.

A DOS screen will appear.

Step 3, Press Shift + F10

Step 3:

In this DOS window type “taskmgr” and press enter, now Task Manager Window will appear, go to Processes tab on this task manager screen and find “Steup.exe”.

Right click on setup.exe and move your cursor on “Priorities”, another small menu will pop up, set the priority of sextup.exe “High or Realtime”.

Step 4, Task Manager

That’s it… well done you have now saved approximately 29 minutes and your installation will now end in next 10 minutes.

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