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Login Windows in a Secure Way Using USB Devices

by onMay 1, 2014

Have you forgotten your Windows login password? Don’t worry you can still able to login your Windows, LokiBit has introduced a software to get rid of your login problem and lost passwords. VSUsbLogon is a software which can make possible to login Windows in a secure way using USB devices, it replaces the password based on Windows login. Windows users can now logged in to Windows without entering user password (in Password protected systems), users can define their own choice of pin code or can logged in without any pin code, when they will connect their USB Device to password protected system, the system will automatically login 😉 Amazing thing isn’t it?

Users can use USB HDD, USB Flash Drives and all other USB devices which have own memory for example your Mobile Phones or iPOD etc.

It uses AES 256 Algorithm encryption method to encrypt the user data. Not only this, it encrypts all user data using unique encryption key which is dependant from the exclusive user setting.

Now let’s come to the procedure to make your USB device login enabled.

First of all download the software from: http://www.lokibit.com/download.htm

Now run the program: VSUsbLogonMgr.exe to configure logon procedure.

Attach your USB Device with your Computer.

Now select USB Device from Software interface and click “Assign” button.

There will be some information required to be filled on “Assign USB to User” Windows.


User can assign following actions to their USB Device after inserting or ejecting the USB in locked system:

Lock Workstation, Log Off, Hibernate, Turn on Standby Mode, Shutdown or Restart the Computer.

On Successful association between device and user, the software window will look like this:


You must be thinking that how user will be login to Windows using his/her USB Device? VSUsbLogon is as such powerful as you can imagine. It has capability to add USB Login Icon on Welcome Logon Screen after connecting the configured USB Device.

In case if you have pre-assigned the PIN Code while creating the USB, you will be automatically logged in to your windows without any hassle, after inserting your injected USB. And if your didn’t pre-assign your PIN Code, then you must have to enter the PIN Code from “0 to 8” manually.

If you have selected the option “Auto Logon” then you will be login to your windows as soon as you will insert VSUsbLogon ready USB withour entering any Pass Code or Password etc.

There are many other useful software available on http://www.lokibit.com/download.htm

Original Source: http://www.lokibit.com/

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