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What is the reason for being hacked

by on May 7, 2014

On internet many people complain that their Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Other email accounts have been hacked or compromised, even though Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail are World’s famous and best free email service providers, and this is not easy to hack these accounts due to strong security precautions.

Finally question raise into mind, what is the reason for being hacked these accounts? This is not only happening with Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail accounts but any other email accounts can also be hacked, there can be several reasons for being hacked of these email accounts!

  1. Sometimes when we use our email services from Net-café, College or Universities’ Computer Lab and some other such places, we are quickly to sign in our accounts and start entering our user name and passwords without knowing if there is someone watching us or some software e.g. “KEY LOGGER” is installed on computer which is tracing our each key hit. Beware of entering such secrete information on public computers and in case if you have used or due to some urgent reasons have to use public computer, then after signing out from this computer always remember to clean browser history.
  1. You are sitting in a public place (Net-café, College or Universities’ Computer Lab) and chatting on MSN or some other chat service, but unexpectedly something goes wrong or your keyboard stops working and you have to restart or shut down your computer, in this situation you leave the seat and forget to logout your account. When the computer restarts again, your last unsaved session restores automatically and you never know this.
  1. When you sign up with any email service, you likely to provide an answer for a secrete question, secrete question is just like a duplicate key for your email account security. This is obvious that nobody knows your secrete answer until or unless you tell him, but unconsciously during a conversation, if someone asks you this secrete answer, you tell him.
  1. While signing in we sometimes check the option “Sign me in automatically” which is another blunder. Because when we leave the computer, other person comes and starts using the same computer. And when coincidently he opens the same email service he sees your inbox. 😛

Nowadays hacking has become a source of entertainment, therefore; I personally request to all, be careful and pay attention to the privacy affairs for others.

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