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How to Shutdown The PC Using Short Cut

by onMay 16, 2014

In this post I will tell you how to shutdown the PC using short cut. This tip is a computer related joke and not harmful as well, you can try this on your own computer or after creating this file, send it to anyone through email or chatting. The person who will double click the icon, his/her computer will be shutdown automatically. Another use of this shortcut is to save time and shut down your PC, no matter which windows version you are using.
Follow few steps to make shut down shortcut.

Step 1:

Right click on your computer desktop, point the cursor on New and then select Shortcut.

Step_1_Shutdown - Gadgets Informer

Step 2:

In the empty location box copy and paste this small code “shutdown.exe –s” to shut down any computer. –s is stands for Shut Down.

Step_2_Shutdown - Gadgets Informer

Note: if you want to restart your computer copy and paste this code: shutdown.exe –r. simply change the last –s with –r. –r is used for Restart.

Step_2_2_Shutdown - Gadgets Informer

Step 3:

You can change the default shut down time with your own custom, the default timing is 30 seconds. Copy and paste the given code and change the timing as per your need: “shutdown -s -t 60”. –t is used for Timing.

Step_3_Shutdown - Gadgets Informer

Step 4:

Before shutting down the computer, you can display any message on your computer screen by using this code: shutdown -s -t 45 –c “Type Your Message Here”. –c is used for message.

Step_4_Shutdown - Gadgets Informer

Step 5:

After completing all above steps, click next and then Finish button. The short cut is ready to use.

Step_5_Shutdown - Gadgets Informer

Step 6:

You can now change the icon of this short cut. Right Click on short cut “Shutdown” and select “Properties”, Now select button “Change Icon” and after changing thr icon click finish.

Step_6_Shutdown - Gadgets Informer
Step_7_Shutdown - Gadgets Informer

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