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Registry Commands of any Windows

by onMay 25, 2014

Registry commands are the essential part of computer system and it is necessary to have basic knowledge of this part. Registry commands of any windows do not consist on single file; rather it is a complete database which depends on 7 different files. In every window the process is almost same, this database gives command to windows and then window run the programs accordingly. There are total 5 registry commands in windows to control all the processing systems. In this post I will discuss some basic information of each registry command, its contained files and its functions separately.


This registry command contains complete information about installed programs, when we install a program in this registry command or window by default install the program in it. In addition, program can be opened when we double click on any program file in it.


In this registry command, information of all current users, their files on desktop and settings can be found. In case if there is no any personal user available on windows, the registry command uses default user’s command.


In this registry command all data of installed hardware and software is available


In this registry command all data and information can be found of all those users who are currently logged in or using the system.


In this registry command the information about computer hardware which configures the programs can be found.


You are requested to please help me improving my information regarding this article, and share your valued knowledge with me, if there is anything else which I forgot to write.

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