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US Government to Decriminalize Unlocking of Smartphones

by onJuly 31, 2014

Unlocking of Smartphones in order to be able to use it on other wireless networks has always been an issue faced by millions of people across the globe. In a newly surfaced report, it seems like consumers in the United States will soon be able to legally unlock their phones.

Following the US Senate’s bill of allowing people to legally unlock their phones, the House of Representatives recently passed this bill with the reports of President Barack Obama’s willingness to sign it in near future.

US Government to Decriminalize Unlocking of Smartphones

Speaking of this new bill, Obama stated that this will give common Americans more choice and flexibility of the best cell phone carriers for themselves:

The bill Congress passed today is another step toward giving ordinary Americans more flexibility and choice, so that they can find a cell phone carrier that meets their needs and their budget. I commend Chairmen Leahy and Goodlatte, and Ranking Members Grassley and Conyers for their leadership on this important consumer issue and look forward to signing this bill into law.

The bill in discussion is referred to as “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition” and allows consumers to unlock phones bound to a particular carrier. However, an interesting thing to note here is that this decision is not at all permanent and will again be revised in 2015. The Verge reports that owning to a large support of people, the odds are slim that the decision will be revised.

In a statement issued by Senator Chuck Grassley, this whole scenario will provide a greater competition and more consumer choice:

The cell phone unlocking bill has a direct impact on Americans as we become more reliant on our wireless devices. His bipartisan bill is pro-consumer and pro-competition and allows for greater ease in the portability of devices.  It will provide greater competition and more consumer choice.

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