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Nokia to Bring Offline-Navigation “HERE” to Samsung Galaxy Devices

by onSeptember 3, 2014

Nokia is generally known as the best provider of windows-powered phones all around the market. Now, Nokia has made an agreement with Samsung to bring navigation services “HERE” (Beta) for its new Galaxy Android phones. Nokia has planned to collaborate with Samsung to create this App for Galaxy Smartphones. The “HERE” beta is providing offline mapping, navigation and location services to the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. This Offline-Navigation service is one of the most attractive and outstanding feature we have got and we should be grateful for that.

Nokia to Bring Offline Navigation to Samsung Galaxy Devices

Can’t you search or find out the maps and the routes when your internet connection is unavailable? Don’t worry!

The “HERE” beta offers navigation service without any internet connection for nearly 200 countries around the world. You can freely download these offline maps respectively. For about more than half of it will support the drive instructions. It also has the voice-guided navigation facilities also without any need of internet. These maps will be stored on your device so that you can be benefited by zoom in and out and by rotating them. Means, you can see the stored maps whenever you want on your way.

Although Google map is also a basic platform of mapping on Android phones, but “HERE” is doing much better job as well. In the Samsung galaxy, the “HERE” beta offers the following features:

* You can download detailed maps from your Samsung galaxy by being offline.

* It provides live traffic information for about 800 cities without any internet connection.

* You could be aware about all the routes and maps when the Wi-Fi or internet data connection failed to respond in the rural and remote areas of any country.

* The navigation service can also work with Samsung’s car mode that simplifies while driving, messaging, calling, music and directions.

The “HERE” is continuously making efforts to broaden its reach to more people as they can. Samsung has also produced some other products like Galaxy Gear S. On this, “HERE” is producing an application known as “Navigator”.

Nokia to Bring Offline Navigation to Samsung Galaxy Devices

With this App, you can exactly calculate the routes for walking and also for public transit on your device. This navigator, with Here for Android; the complete mapping app is available at Samsung galaxy app store. This app is providing complete ability to store data on the device and use it offline for navigation, researches and directions.

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