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Intel finally releases Haswell-E Extreme Edition processors

by onSeptember 4, 2014

We have been hearing about the Intel’s next-generation “INTEL HASWELLE“, now they have finally launched. This is the eight-core desktop processor revealed a week before. The high end desktop users have been waiting for this wonderful invention for some time. The Intel Haswell-E includes the core i-7 5960X, core i7 5930K and core i7 5820K.

The core i7- 980X was the previous amazing released by Intel in the early of 2010. It was the very first desktop CPU that includes Six-cores. Everyone was really get impressed by this chip who usually use encode videos, compile softwares, virtual machines and many other things on their routine. At that time, everyone used to think, that the invention of eight-core are very near in future and now, we have actually got it.

Really Welcome to Haswell-E Extreme Edition Processor. šŸ™‚

The HASWELLE is a formal code-name of core i-7 5960X. It has eight-cores, 16 threads and a 20 MB cache. It can support the latest DDR4 memory modules in about 4 channels and the speed about DDR4-2133 and a 40-lane PCI Express root complex.

It usually offers quad-channel memory for content creating, gaming and for several multi-tasking. Apart from this flagship model, the Intel has released two more models by the name of Core i-7 5930K and Core i-7 5820K. Something important about the both cores are written below:


The Core i-7 5930K is the second best processor with the featuring of Six-cores and 12 threads. This processor would be able to support DDR4-2133 MHz. It has 15 GB cache memory. It might be support the multiple graphics cards configuration with the first few cards running by the speed of x16 and the third one card is running at x8 speed.


This core is the third best processor with the same features of 12-threads and Six-Cores. The CPU comes with 15 MB and L3 cache.140W TDP and it support for DDR4-MHz memory. This core has become an attractive and amazing processor for the X99 platform.

IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i7 Haswell-E Extreme Edition processors

It has always been very interesting to look back in the past years and see how the technology has progressed over time. The Extreme Edition CPU’s have been evolved tremendously in the past eleven years. Now, the Intel claims 40X compute performance from the old days. The new Intel Haswell-E HEDT is a game-changer certainly when it comes to show its performance but there is nothing spectacular if we compared to the previous generations.

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