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Google Has Poached An Expert Scientist To Build A Quantum Computer

by onSeptember 7, 2014

Google has invited the team of quantum computing experts from the University of California, Santa Barbara. They are making researches and spending their efforts only to build and design a new quantum computer based on superconducting electronics. The world’s famous expert of quantum computing John Martinis and his hard-working team are willing to join Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab (QuAIL).


Mr. Martinis has explained the potential reach of the quantum technology at the presentation ceremony of Google, last October. He is still maintaining his affection with U.C. Santa Barbara. He is actually belong to the most growing field of science that usually aims to produce information at the high speeds by using the most tiny particles like, photons and electrons. He is spending the most part of his time on his research at Google. It has proved that Google is quite serious about quantum computing. Although his team has not yet been develop the device but they have already shown that how it is theoretically possible to use electrons in two atomic systems because it allows the different multiple calculations to be run at the same time.

Can’t you imagine that Google is preparing to build world’s fastest computer system? Yeah! It’s really going to happen soon.

Despite all the present and latest technologies, The Google Quantum Intelligence team is making their high mission to produce and to design its own hardware as soon as possible. They are continuously making their effective effects to vastly increase the processing power of computer which will be based on super-conducting. According to the simple terms, the quantum computer uses the quantum bits and cubits to access the information. It is traditionally using the binary system of ones and zeros.

Google has been already working with NASA to develop few applications for the D-Wave quantum computer system. The D-Wave’s unique and attractive brand of quantum computing has been trying to improve its quantum nature more than present. The structure Data conference, which was held in March, the D-Wave Vern Brownell noted that the Google has tested some of the latest types of machines and computer visions on its D-Wave computer sound successfully.

Google wants to make this quantum computer only because it belief that the technology is such a key which can easily solve all the computer science problems and it can fulfill all the disturbing challenges coming on the way. The most interested thing about quantum is you not only can do numerous things at the same time, but, you can use different patterns in different ways.

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