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The Mysterious Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Your Phone Calls

by onSeptember 11, 2014

The famous rumor has been spread all over the United States that is about “The Mysterious Cellphone Towers are Intercepting Your Calls“; actually this is happening in some parts of United States of America. According to a latest news, near about seventeen fake towers have been found across the U.S.A on the last week. But no one have any idea that from where these towers came, who built them and who is the owner of them? All of the “interceptors” are usually looks like the ordinary Cellphone towers but they are not in actual. They are not the part of AT or any of the reputed phone networks. We really don’t know from where these towers belong to.

These Interceptors may be a Cellular Repeater, when you put a cellular repeater at your place for best network coverage, your all calls, text messages and voice conversation passes through these cellular repeaters. So, it could also be possible that these interceptors may pass your calls or messages at somewhere and by appearance; they are pretending to be only Cellphone towers? The main question is this, what they want to do with the calls? No answer at all. The Lees Goldsmith, Chief Executive of the security company of ESD America, is being extremely conscious about this scandal as we see on the newspapers daily.

When your iOS or Android device gets connected to the Interceptor, suddenly your device will turn to halt from 4G to 2G. However, there are some also good interceptors as they won’t show any changes after connected. The users have noticed this essential difference that how the protocol of 4G suddenly gets down on iOS and Android phones. Whenever the customers try to watch videos on YouTube or to start any heavy app the device turns to a dip. These interceptors are attacking over the air.

These fake communication towers are may be undetectable, but, I also think that this is a while away from us to know about who is behind these interceptors. You may be definitely thinking that this is a huge problem, yeah it is! As these tower interceptors are quite mysterious. The towers are being run by the group to get the huge amount of money.

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