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500 Millions of Gmail Accounts Leaked By Hackers This Week

by on September 12, 2014

According to the latest news” Nearly 500 millions of usernames and passwords have been hacked and published to the Russian bitcoin forum“. Yes! This is right. The Gmail Accounts (email addresses and passwords) have been leaked or it will be better if we say, it have been stolen and now published at the online forum. Does it mean millions of Gmail users have to change their passwords due to this? I think they should change this as soon as possible.
The website which published all the Gmail accounts information is Russian. The hackers are also belongs to Russia. The forum file has the information related to the English, Russian and Spanish speaking Gmail users. Only 60% of the accounts are presently active and they are quite valid. I think this is good news for the users who have recently changed their password, means; it could be possible that the leaked or stolen accounts and passwords would be invalid or out-of-date?

However, Google says that the usernames and passwords did not come from any security breach system, means; it had been stolen due to invalid and unauthorized access of user’s accounts. If you were using the same password for your Gmail account and also for other sites, then, you are rightly hacked. You should have to use different password for your important sites. It will be a great loss if your password will be the same to your Gmail account. As the people who visited the online forum of leaked Gmail addresses have told that their passwords were very old and often told that they had reused their passwords on random sites.

Let’s check first if your email address is among that leaked?


This web will help you to check, your email address will immediately come-up if it will be available there. If you are also hacked, you have to take the four steps according to the news:

1. Scan your leaked database information of your account.

2. Change your Gmail password immediately

3. Let’s check your Google account activity.

4. Sign-out all the other sessions.

You can also change your password by answering the questions you have set while signing-up to your account. Now, set your new password but keep it in your mind that it should be strong enough.

Gmail announces to change passwords of your Gmail account as soon as possible, before any hacker could change your account password.

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