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Blackberry Passport Short Review

by onSeptember 27, 2014

Blackberry has something new for its users, you know what? Let me tell you here. It is a BlackBerry’s latest invention by the name of “Blackberry Passport”, it is a huge screen phone, totally squared-shape and moreover, it has a unique keyboard which you have surely never seen before on any mobile devices. The BlackBerry says that the Passport device will be available in more than 30 countries at the end of this year. Excited?

BlackBerry has launched its device on the last Wednesday and it showed off its new squared-shaped device at the event held on Toronto, London and Dubai. It allows you to use its touch-enable keyboard as well as large 4.5 inch square-shaped display. The BlackBerry Quad-Core has 2.2 GHZ processor, 3GB RAM with 32 GB internal memory. The storage is supported by microSD. The casing of this device is made up of stainless steel frame and that is because it looks gorgeous.


The BlackBerry Passport’s camera is just amazing! It has a 13-megapixel sensor that also includes Optical Image Stabilization technology. It can shoot 1080P in 30 or 60 frames in a second. This 13MP camera takes HD pictures as well as HD videos with its superb quality results. The Passport’s camera also contains some of the extra features, such as; it has a long-timer mode for Selfies. It allows the camera to take sharper pictures even in the situation of badly low lights. You can see your snaps with the large HD display screen.

The Passport includes 2 mega-pixels front camera and 13 mega-pixels rear camera respectively.


The battery of the BlackBerry Passport is not removable as it is much big than other devices. But, it can last full day without any caution, no matter what you are running. The battery has minimum 30-hours quality-life per day for the power users who uses different apps, makes calls, browse the webs and everything else. The passport’s battery also contains power-saving mode in it. I think it will be perfect if I say that this bigger device can leads bigger battery life as well.


The passport’s keyboard is quite different and more wonderful than the previous BlackBerry’s keyboards. It is also QWERTY. Actually, it is a dual-control keyboard it can be change depending on what you are using.

According to an Ontario-based company, the physical keyboard has more strength than the touch-screen keyboards and also they are more comfortable for users.


The company has been made a deal with Amazon to provide near to different 25,000 apps for the users of BlackBerry in the Amazon App Store. It is providing 10.3 users to access to software by the help of Amazon app store. The users also have the best opportunity to get one app daily from Amazon app store for free.

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Let’s Enjoy With The New BlackBerry Passport!

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