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Safe Your Internet Identity from Hackers

by on September 27, 2014

There are many of the innocent internet users who are being hacked every day around us. A huge number of hacking cases occurs on daily basis to worldwide over the internet. Facebook, Twitter, email accounts and other social accounts are at dangerous risk from being hacked. Do you know what is the actual reason behind that? Why we are not protected from the cyber-criminals? What is our mistake by using our accounts on internet? Nothing prominent! These are only our few mistakes we do not have even noticed before. I am telling you the six ways to be secured from the hackers. The six ways which are written below are the main cause or, if I say, your basic mistake which you have made while using your account.



The 50 % population uses same password on different sites this is one of the most important thing that we should avoid if we want to be save from hackers. Moreover, do not save your password on your email draft folder, on your Facebook, any online site or anywhere else where it could be easily accessed. Do not share your password with anyone known or unknown.
Most of the people, especially young generation, use their names or pet names as a password on every site they use. This thing is like inviting the hackers to hack your site easily. Always use different and strong password on your different sites to be secure .On the other hand, always provide the complete information to “Verification Process” asked by many sites where you want to make your account. This will also secure your account from hacking.


The password should be as confusing as nobody can ever judge. For instance, “The Sunday Newspaper” now, uses this as Tsnp” so, if you are using your pet name as a password then write Dog as “DTsnpog”. You can also add some punctuation, numbers, symbol and alphabets here like “Dtsnpog2”..!.  That’s how no one can guess what password do you have and by using this method, you will also surely remember your password always.


Your password could be hacked in a minute so, do not be much confident over your old strong password. Always try to change your password after every 3-4 months to be protected .This constant changing of password will become a great hurdle in the hacker’s way. One more thing you have to keep on your mind that, never reuse any of your old password on your site. It will be dangerous for you as it could be easily hacked.


Strictly avoid the social invitations on Facebook and twitter. One more thing if you have ever noticed that if you are visiting any of the website, there opens a window providing some invitation or any ad and ask you to open or click on it. That is the great and easiest way of hacking and scamming. Always avoid these as much as you can do it.


This is not the way to delete your Facebook or Twitter account to stay secured. But, try to not share your actual personal information on Facebook, Twitter and on any social media like, your year of graduation, your month or date of birthday, your mother or father’s name and their birthdays, your area of residence, your favorite pet and same like these questions. It is because the personal information helps the hackers sound easily to access your password and to answer your privacy questions as well.


The wireless internet is available everywhere for public using such as in hotels, coffee shops, shopping malls and airports. Do not use any personal site or avoid any personal data sharing through that Wi-Fi connection. Just go in windows and right-click the Wi-Fi icon appeared on the taskbar to turn off the Wi-Fi connection.


Apply the above ways if you want to stay secured from the hackers and this will also help you to freely use your account without any fear. Have fun!

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