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Google Finally Shuts Down Its First Social Network Site ORKUT

by onOctober 1, 2014

Today, on 30th September, Google has chosen the day to shuts down its social networking site “ORKUT”. This is the Google’s first attempt. The Orkut lived for about a decade as it was founded in 2004, on the same year when the Facebook was founded. The Orkut has been the most popular in some markets like in India and Brazil but, Google has put its entire focus towards the other new Social Networking Site Google+, it is same as Facebook Social Networking Service.

Orkut was the first Social Networking site that firstly got the people to engaged with the internet across the globe but, as we see the fact of same establishment of both social sites, Facebook has now become the World largest Social Network with 1.8 billion users. On the other hand, Orkut remained less familiar.

You might be thinking what will happen to your scraps, photos and communication records on Orkut? If your Orkut profile still exists then you need to hurry! Visit your profile for the last time and be sure that your data information will remain in safe hands. If you want to remove something then keep on your mind that you only have few hours to take any action.

Read Below for Help:


You can transfer your all images and photos to your new Google+ account by the help of this link  or save them to your personal computer. Moreover, the photos you export to Google+ Account will be soundly secured and only you will be able to see them. I am telling here the simple procedure to transfer your photo album to your Google+ account.

  • Sign-in to your Google+ Account
  • Go to http://www.orkut.com/AlbumsExport.
  • Click the album you want to export or select all.
  • Now click import selected.


After today, when the Google shut down the Orkut, you will not be able to log in on your account or you will also not be able to export your pictures to Google+ account. According to Google, The public communities will be available in Publicity Viewable Community Archive after Orkut. Additionally Google says; “If you do not want your name to be added on Community Archive then you should have to remove your Orkut Account permanently”. It is up to you if you want to export your scraps, photos and testimonials or if you want your account to be closed.

Orkut - Gadgets Informer

Lets say; Goodbye Orkut!

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