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Cameras to Save Lives on the Beach of Sydney Bondi Beach

by on October 7, 2014

Now-a-days, as we know that technologies can save our lives including the lifeguard of Bondi beach who has pulled few Dead bodies from water in the recent years. Similarly, the new latest high-technological cameras have been installed at the three beaches of Sydney; these beaches are named as “Bronte, Bondi and Tamarama”. There are the four cameras which have been installed at the three beaches of Sydney in the early of this month in order to save human lives from drowning.

These four cameras are much capable to zoom as far as 3km to the Clovelly point. They are wonderfully controlled by the Bondi lifeguard tower and they are allowing the Bondi lifeguards to full-time monitoring of nearby beaches. As well as Bronte and Tamarama also have their own lifeguards on the high-duty up to nine months of the year. At the recent two months, there were not only the swimmers and surfers that swept from dangerous water but there were also the cases of rock fisherman’s, drivers and suicide attempts which have seen at the coast line. The head of lifeguard said:

“The cameras are able to monitor all the bad situations”.

Moreover, Mr. Hopkins said: “Whenever the camera spots some incident on any of the three beaches, Bondi lifeguards can launch jet-ski to the distressed person within a minute

“We thought if they can record everything we do, why can’t we? The Technology is really amazing”.

During the days of summer, the duties of the lifeguards become more attentive as there are a huge crowd of people enjoying at the beach. According to an estimate, near about 50,000 people love to enjoy every summer day at the beach of Sydney. Everyday seems to be an increasing day of crowd in summer, theft cases report are also familiar during these days. The cameras can also easily track these offenders and crime scenes on the spot. It helps a lot in taking quick response against these illegal actions. The cameras also have recording capacity up to minimum 10 days. Additionally, it performs as an important communication tool among lifeguards on the beach. Due to this continues sight of the camera, the ratio of illegal scene become quite low as compare to before. The lifeguards on duty are amazingly playing vital role to save lives according to daily cases in rescue operations.

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