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Skype Shutting Down Domestic Voice Calls In India from November 10, 2014

by onOctober 8, 2014

Skype has announced that it has shutting down the domestic voice and video calls to mobile and landline numbers, for Skype users in India. The Skype will no longer give permission to make direct calls on landline and mobile numbers. The Skype users have freely become habitual to make calls on their native’s mobile or landline numbers through Skype but, they cannot use it more as the Skype have been given the death date of November 10. However, the Indian Skype users will only be able to make Skype-to-Skype calls even domestically without any issue as well. This banned will only be applied within India; this is not for the users outside the Sub-continent.

The direct video and audio calls on mobiles and landlines is no doubt a great benefit for the Skype users which compel them to easily make calls on their friends and family’s personal number if they are offline. But, now the Indian users are unfortunately not going to use after 10th November. The Microsoft-owned company has not revealed any of the reason behind this sudden change. Similarly, we also could not guess anything without any confirmation report. Hope so, you will soon get an authentic reason about this suddenly shutting news.

The news was firstly heard through the daily newspaper “The Times of India” in which the Official Skype Support Page has announced that Skype will not permits any Indian-based number calls after November 10. If you have Skype credit balance then you can finish this before the upcoming day of 10th, November. The news has been announced enough early that the users can end their rest of the credit balance not hurriedly but, easily. There is another thing to inform you that, the users which have the feature of Skype, can make video and voice call by using “Internet Service”, for which they will be charged and will only pay for internet consumption.

Skype has started to send emails to inform its Indian users that they will be not able to make calls from Skype to Indian’s landline and mobile numbers longer within India from the starting of November 10, 2014. Additionally, you will be capable to use Skype Wi-Fi and Skype messages service after this restriction.

If you lives in India must let us know that how do you feel about this upcoming sudden restriction by Skype in your country?

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