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Samsung’s New 60GHz WI-Fi Technology Will Bring Fastest Speed from Next Year

by onOctober 23, 2014

Samsung has announced some more new development in its Wi-Fi technology. This technology claim that it will have to develop 60GHz Wi-Fi technology and its data transmission speed will be more faster than it exist today. Means it will be craziest faster than we use currently. It will increase its speed up to five times more from 866Mbps or 108MB per second. The new speed will be 4.6Gbps and 575MB per second. Samsung also claims that all the customers will soon be able to see the fastest Wi-Fi speed in all the connected devices they use. Eventually, The Samsung has referred its new development with the name of “60GHz WI-Fi Technology“.

According to BBC news, The South Korean Company has claimed on the recent week that the fastest Wi-Fi speed will enable the HD movies and videos to be stream from Smartphones to other smart devices such as TVs, Smart Watches and further displays with high frequency and without any single error. Moreover, Samsung said at once that a movie of 1GB will take less than three seconds to transfer from one device to another. Today’s 802.11 new routers will no long become the king of all wireless networks. But, the new upcoming Samsung’s technology will get its place.

The head of Samsung’s DMC R&D Centre, Kin Chang Yong, in a press conference, said that;

“The Company has successfully overcome with all the barriers and restrictions between the commercialization of 60GHz millimeterwave band WiFi technology”

The rumuor of this new 60GHz Wi-Fi technology was roll-out when the Samsung was preparing to launch its latest technological devices in against the competition with Chinese Mobile companies and Apple, It has announced that they are also in mission to prepare the new high-speed Wi-Fi technology for its customers. Samsung says that it will include all sorts of devices for its 60GHz Wi-Fi technology including all audio, visual, telecommunication equipments as well as in medical devices.

Samsung has not yet developed this new Wi-Fi facility but, it is looking at the future and making its efforts to develop this new technology for the last two years almost. It has been faced some severe challenges while developing the new 60GHz Wi-Fi technology but now, it’s all effort are at the stage to be end. The new Wi-Fi capabilities will come in front of us as soon as in the early of next year and this new standard will be a superb part in all the Smartphone markets’

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