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Google Has Revealed the USB Security Key to Keep Out From Hackers

by onOctober 28, 2014

Google has announced something more protective than the previous and simple Two-Steps Verification method of security for all the users having online accounts. That was especially for those who might be not secure from hackers. Do you know what is that new? This is Google USB Security Key”. Now, the users of Google accounts can make their accounts more secure and more protective by this physical security in the form of USB key. In short, Google has revealed this physical USB security key to strengthen Two-Steps verification process.

This USB security key will provide more better protection than the verification codes which usually send to phones of every user. The USB security key verifies very deeply that if the site you are going to log in actually belongs to Google or not. It simply eliminates all the possible access of your password to any online hackers’ perfectly. The Google USB Security Key especially works with all Google websites. By using this security key, the users can only access to Google accounts and chrome yet. Later after, soon we will deliver authentic news when the other browsers will start using this Security Key.

The users will be eligible to log in your personal accounts by just plugging the USB into the USB port and by entering its password. The password will be still required after entered the USB security key into the port and this is because for more security. Means, if your USB security key would also be stolen but the thieves would never be able to log in to your account because of the required password. Hence, you account will be more secure.

Actually, Google is aiming to provide its user’s complete security regarding to their online accounts. It has made every possible effort to make the customers feel secure from hackers and online thefts. USB Security key is for those users who are too conscious about the security level of their accounts and they often seek out different ways of proper security of their credentials. Now, all the conscious users have become tension-free and can enjoy their hack-free Google accounts because any of the hacker or online theft cannot ever access your account without this Security Key.

Google is currently providing all the Security Key features on all Google accounts free of cost. If you want to use this security service then you have to buy a compatible security key USB drive first, from any outside vendors such as Amazon or from any else retailer.

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