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All You Need To Know About The HTC Re Portable Camera Features

by onOctober 29, 2014

HTC has launched something really exciting that we have never seen before. Likewise, it does not look like what it is in real. So, here is the HTC Re portable Camera. It usually looks like an asthma inhaler which can capture 16 mega-pixel pictures and can record Videos in 1080p resolution. This Re Camera can easily transfer all the captured images and videos wirelessly to the Smartphones. There are only two buttons on this Re Camera, one is situated on front which takes picture by short pressing and can start recording video by long press. The other button is at the back which triggers slow motion videos.

The HTC Re Portable Camera is more comfortable regarding to capture pictures than holding the big Smartphones. The Re camera is more helpful in such a case that if some emergency took place, it will instantly capture the scene of that spot or it can quickly record video than any of the Smartphone does. The grip-and-go design of this Re Camera is pretty cool. This design is specially made for Selfie lovers I think. Because without any problem or error, they can easily take lots of Selfie pictures by themselves. One of the basic reasons of this freely using is that it is too easy to hold due to its average and light body.

Another one of the best feature of this HTC Re Portable camera is that, it contains low power sensors which allow the camera to turn on and get start rapidly. Also it contains an 820mAh battery which easily enables us to take more than 1,400 pictures and 100 minutes of video recording without getting low battery warning. It has 8GB micro SD card in the Re camera. This new little device can be attached with seat belts, shirt collars and with else like backpack etc. Although; every latest technology requires enormous advertising to be popular but, HTC doesn’t need this to get fame within the U.S as well as outside.

“Moreover, for the U.S customers they are still working to make it properly available through different retailers and websites.”

Because after concerning the only business of different mobile devices and latest inventions of Smartphones, This Re Camera has given more fame to HTC. They have launched something really different from our thoughts. The company had planned to make it possible to buy this Re Camera through website only for the U.S customers’ yet. The U.S customers can also get this Re Camera from any of the famous retailers of U.S carriers. Maybe soon this incredible device will be available for the customers other than the U.S.

Guys tell me what do you say about this amazing Re Portable Camera? Let me know with your comments!

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