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The US Health Department is Utilizing iBEACONS to Keep Their Employees Active

by onNovember 2, 2014

Here is the news; As we all are familiar that Apple has announced the low-powered and low-cost Bluetooth transmitters that can wirelessly send alerts on your iPhones. Now, the latest news is that, the Health and Human Service Department of US has been started to use iBeacons for their employees. Means, they want to keep their employees fit and healthy. They thought that, there should be some technology that would indicate the health level of each employee and for this purpose, The US department of Health And Human Services has set up iBeacons and different remote transmitters in all over their headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

This is really a good news if it would become totally implemented because, the Federal Department of US has been using this iBeacons as a trial. Likewise, they have put some score boards to check out the efficiency, attention and fitness level of their employees and to know that who is the more healthiest in the office. Certainly, it will help them to be conscious about their health as soon as they get aware about their health through this technology.

The Health Department of US is just making an experiment to see if this new technology would create better healthy routines of their employees or not. After sometime, they will check final result regarding this technology. If they got good response from this, they will surely hire this little device permanently.

Additionally, many other companies are also trying to use this useful technology at their office to check health-level of their employees. Same as, the British petroleum, a giant company of oil, has been using electronic bracelets which measures physical activities and gives reward to the most efficient employees.

iBeacons are too tiny but they have powerful energy as you can freely use this more than 1-2 years. It is also too easy to hide iBeacons at the party or anywhere for any purpose. As this iBeacon was introduced beyond the mission to offer location aware services to the Smartphone users, it will also provoke all the employees in US Health Department by sending notifications and will get them back to their desks.

The best use of technology is to use them to improve health conditions. Similarly, The US health department is wonderfully utilizing this technology to create best health habits among employees and hopefully, they will be succeeded in their mission.

So when are you going to adopt this healthy technology? Must share this news with your loved ones 🙂

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