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Basic Tips To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery Life

by onNovember 14, 2014

What kind of Smartphone you are using? It actually doesn’t matter. As we know that the global brands have developed numerous Smartphones for us which are so much beneficial for today’s life. It has equipped with most powerful mobile operating systems such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian etc. These Smartphones greatly allows us to take snaps, listen to mp3, access internet, and playing huge sort of games and to make stream videos. In short, these are the pocket-sized computer; it will be more better if I say that we have the whole world in our palm. As well as it gives us huge benefits but same as it also takes huge battery power.

We have heard different rumours about huge battery power or battery life etc. but, it didn’t seem practical. We are telling you some most important things that put your battery down without your awareness. The worse thing is that you are not even using anything on your phone but still you find its battery getting down. There are some basic facts and tips that will help you to conserve your battery.


Have you not turn your phone brightness yet? Turn it down now. Go to your setting menu or Options, you will see here the dimmer screen option or same as the related. Turning down your phone’s brightness will keep your battery life safe and long.


Vibration mode takes more battery power than ringtones. Imagine that the sound which produces from ringtones is lesser than the shaking to whole mobile phone through vibrating. It usually sucks the battery. So, if you are at some place where it is necessary to put phone on silent mode, you can shortly use vibration but it will be better if you avoid using vibrating mode. That’s how you can save your battery life.


If you know that you are not going to use your phone for couple of hours or for a long time such as while sleeping, attending any meeting or in classroom so, you should have to switch it off to conserve battery power. This really happens in our routine that we do not use our cell for many hours but as we get started to use it, it always shows lowering battery power. To avoid this situation, turn off your phone for the long hours you know you will not use.


Any app on your phone that is not important and have installed for no purpose than immediately uninstall them all. Some of the manufacturers block you to not uninstall their apps but you will already the option to simply disable their apps. They are also the main cause of sucking battery life.


Most of the energy is used when your Smartphone seeks for signals and services of Bluetooth, WiFi internet, 3G, 4G etc. Make it sure to switch off your Bluetooth, WiFi connection and 3G when you do not need to be connected. Whenever you do not need to use any services of them but still you have switched on then, it will badly suck all your battery power because it will remain in the process to search services and signals and will keep draining the battery power.

Try this trick and let us know your opinions?

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