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Facebook Messenger App Gets 500 Million Monthly Users

by onNovember 15, 2014

Facebook has announced great news on the last Monday that its Facebook Messenger App has 500 million monthly active users. The Facebook Messenger app was launched in 2011 and it had only 200 million users on April but now, it has got brilliant success. Apart from the huge complaints of the people as they were annoyed to use two separate Facebook apps on their Smartphones but currently, we can see a huge number of users are happily using Facebook messenger app. 500 million are probably half from all the Facebook users all over the world. Meanwhile, they are half from those who uses mobile devices and the rest are those who still enjoy using PC and laptops.

Well, we can say that they have bound us to download the Facebook Messenger app because if we want to reply of a message we received then we have to download the messenger app to continue the chat. But, Facebook says that it was necessary to provide the better experience by separating both the messenger app and news feed. As well as the Messenger app is no mean a bad way to chat. Once you have downloaded, it will get easy for you to chat with friends without log in the complete Facebook.

The Facebook Director of Product Manager Peter Martinazzi says:

“Messaging is an important part of how people stay connected and since Messenger launched in 2011 we have been passionate about giving people a faster and more expressive way to communicate”.

The Messenger app is same like as SMS but, it is more better as it enables us and gives us more pleasure in more ways such as, it allows us to express your feelings too deeply with its wonderful features that the SMS cannot give you. It allows us to take Selfies for friends, take snaps, send videos, joyful stickers, feeling mood, chat with group of friends, and make calls free of cost and much more.

According to an estimate that Survata.com has been found that, the women are using Facebook Messenger App more than the men does. The men prefer Facebook only 57% over Twitter while women prefers Facebook 70%. There are very low ratios of children who use Facebook nearly about the aged of 13 to 16. There could be a reason that many parents used to refuse their child to not use Facebook at an early age.

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