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WhatsApp Introduces Double Blue Tick Marks For Read Messages

by onNovember 17, 2014

If you are a WhatsApp user than you have been surely noticed the latest addition on WhatsApp. Have you seen the two blue ticks on your chat? Do you know what this is? Let me tell you here. If we talk about the previous features of WhatsApp, it was only indicate that our message has been sent successfully by appearing a single grey tick and when it appeared two grey ticks that mean the message has also delivered successfully. There was not any report regarding that the message has been seen by the reader or not. But now, WhatsApp has started to send back a confirmation report that the message has been read or seen by appearing two blue ticks.

The sender could easily know that when you have read or saw their messages. May be, for some people it is really a good feature but as I heard from majority people that they are freaking out of this.

Well, as i told this before that this latest feature may gives benefit for someone but same as, it also force the people to replay to the messages. There is not a single way the company has developed to avoid showing the scene report. May you know that when the WhatsApp has made the last seen time report on chat box. Many people did not like to show it. Later after, WhatsApp has made a tweak by including privacy settings and now it’s up to you whether you want to show your last seen or not. For this blue ticks, there is no actual way to hide the scene report from the sender.

There are some rumours about how to avoid blue ticks as somebody says that if we check WhatsApp messages in Airplane mode then it will not show blue ticks on chat. Means it will not send read confirmation report to the sender. You can soon get back to general mode after checking the message. Try this at once.

This is also a great way to convey our messages to anyone or in group chat. No one could be escaped out from the chat nor could any one pretend to not reading the message at all. You can long press the sent message on the group chat then you will see how many people have seen your message with the help of blue ticks.

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