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Snapchat Now Lets You Transfer Money With Its New Snapcash Feature

by onNovember 20, 2014

According to the latest news, Snapchat has made a partner-shipping with mobile payments service company Square. This company will handle all the responsibilities of transferring payments through the new feature which has been added by snapchat. It will store all the debit cards and bank account information. The square company is really well-known for its services regarding to Smartphones and tablets online money transferring features through credit cards. This company operates its own same service of Square Cash which usually allows the people to send or receive money through its cash app or email.

Snapchat has also made it available for you on it. This new feature of Snapchat will let you transfer payments or money to anyone and it will be quickly deposited to their account. Snapchat has been launched this new additional feature bu the name of “SNAPCASH“. Snapchat has created this new snapcash feature on the last Monday.

Transferring money is quite simple here. What you have to do is that whenever you signs up to snapcash, you will also created square account there by accepting all the terms and conditions of square which will written there. Now, you must have to ads a debit account which will be store by square. Our team has been hard at work to make snapchat a great experience for everyone.

Snapchat has claimed that it will never store any debit card information. Then, swipe up into a chat and type the amount of money you want to transfer, now hit the green button. That is how you will transfer money to anyone you want to do. Square will handle debit card number and transaction behind the scene. If the person to whom you have send money does not have snapchat and if it does not sign up within 24 hours, then the money will be refunded back.

While discovering this and making this feature possible to access, the square spokesperson said:

We always exploring ways to make it easier for customers to send and request money, but we do not have anything to announce at this time”. For now, snapchat is available only for Snapchatters of United States who have their debit card and the age limit is 18 and above


snapcash - Gadgets Informer

The snapcash service will be available on Android devices by app updating. We have heard that Snapcash will roll out to iOS soon.

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