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EYECAN: Samsung has introduced Eye Tracking Mouse for the people with Disabilities

by onDecember 1, 2014

Surprisingly, Samsung has introduced a technology which is unbelievable to hear. This is an EYECAN+, Samsung’s second-generation eye mouse. It amazingly allows the users to compose and edit documents and even to browse the web by the simple eye movement. The users are free to wear any sort of technological devices for this purpose as it does not require any device help to be access. The mouse eye is little old technology which had invented for disabled people but they had to wear glasses, watches, and similar devices to use anything with that technology. But now, they even do not have to wear anything longer. We are too fortunate that we are currently having the era of super amazing technology which is continuously becoming worth-believing day by day.

EYECAN+ is a portable box that placed below the monitor and works wirelessly with the user’s eye movement. But, this technology is not for everyone yet. The company has decided to manufacture limited quantity of this technology for only to donate to charity organizations. However, both the technology and device will soon be available to different companies and organizations who want to have it. This will really help the paralyzed or disabled people to use whatever they want.

Seong Cho, The Vice President of Community Relations at Samsung Technology said that:

“EYECAN+ is a result of a voluntary project initiated by our engineers and reflects their passion and commitment to engage more people in our community”

The EYECAN+ mouse requires the users to be seated between 60cm to 70cm away from the monitor. It does not require any particular position by the user as it could be used while seated or lying down but keep it in your mind, that you keep yourself few feet away from monitor. The calibration will only be required for first-time of using by each user, as this EYECAN+ has the ability to remember each user’s eye characteristics.

The EyeCan+ users interface shows the default device 18 different commands such as “drag”, “scroll”, “copy”, “paste”, and “zoom” etc. To use a specific command, the user has to stare at the icon and blink once. Samsung will not sell EyeCan+ directly but it has said that the technology will be open to everyone as an open source project.

“While EyeCan may seem just as a simple device but we hope that it will help every disabled person and improve the quality of their lives. We really enjoyed the EyeCan development process and because this is an open-source platform, we hope more and more people will join this project to improve facilities”. The Team of EYECAN+ said

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