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The Tile was the very first location-based tracker which has been appeared on Kickstarter with over 49,000 backers putting money into the project. The tile actually works with the Bluetooth functionality of your phone. This is quite smaller and thinnest as compare to all the other tags. The Tile tag does not utilize any transmitter unit because it is located via the app. Do you know how does it work? Whenever you go away from 50-150 feet from the lost object, the app will tell you the exact direction of the lost object to go find it at the same place. The tile will show you the last location of your device on map and also in radar style view informing that how much you are far away from that. There is no flashing light on the tile to alert you, but it produces an audible sound.
Unfortunately, The Tile application is only available on iOS and there is still no plan to bring it on another platform yet. The tile uses Bluetooth 4.0 to work.

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The another latest object at Kickstarter project is Chipolo with the most stylish key-ring attachment. You can easily attach this tiny tracking object with anything such as laptop cases, keys, wallet and with all things that have key-ring hanging off, then register it with the app on your device. After it gets registered, you can use this app on your Android and iOS phone to track the object with the essential help of Bluetooth 4.0.

If your tracker goes out of the range, a notification will be sent to your phone and the app will mark out the latest GPS location of the object. It will also show you that how far away you are from the object. Additionally, Chipolo has a temperature sensor in the tracker which will allow you to know that how much hot is the place where your device is. The maximum range of chipolo is 200 feet.

Chipolos-Gadgets InformerChipolos-Gadgets Informer


The Stick-N-Find will definitely prove as one of the perfect tracking gadget and will help you to find out your missing valuables. These small gadgets have a buzzer and also a light to find out your lost things very easily even in the dark. The Stick N Find gadget uses a radar style view to locate the object as well as an alert to inform you when you get far away from it. It is compatible with every iOS and Android device which supports Bluetooth 4.0.

Virtual Least is the most beneficial feature of Stick N Find. With the help of this, you can attach twice stickers and can create virtual proximity so that any one from the item get replaced or moves away from far place, then the app will immediately notify you. This is really good for the purpose, when you are with your kids and your pet at the park and suddenly your pet goes missing. This sticker will randomly help you to find out.

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Hipkey is also one of the best gadget which plays vital role in the lost and found process. The great thing of this gadget is that it can quickly detect the lost things that are in the range of 50 meters from your mobile device. This gadget is compatible with different sort of things like it omits a loud alarm ( 90dB ), detect motion and blink into a dark red and green LED lights and much more. The Hipkey gadget can be recharged with the help of micro-USB. Its design is the sort of key hanger and it is much flexible which lets you to attach this with everything.

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The great thing about this Wallet Tracker is its design. This device will not be stick or hang with your objects because it could be placed into your wallet or purse. This device is ultra-thin, very easy to use and much capable to locate your lost things in just a few minutes by using your Smartphone or tablet. This devise can easily be attached with your laptops, mobile devices, keys, remote controls and else, when in need. It has the battery which last up to two years when is apart from regular charging.

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Let us know which of the following gadget you are currently using?

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