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iOS 7: Some Hidden Brand New Features

by onDecember 4, 2014

The Apple iOS 7 was released with not only latest design but with all the new features, gestures and a lot of capabilities as well. The Apple iOS 7 is the company’s most beautiful operating system with the powerful new features as well as a handful of new icons in it. Here is a short look at some of the best hidden features of iOS 7.


With iOS 7, you can easily swipe up on the touch screen to open the control center, if you immediately want to change any system settings such as lowering down the brightness, change airplane mode, access Bluetooth, WiFi, calculator, a flashlight and anything else. Simply, the control center on the main touch screen is awesome.

control-center - Gadgets Informercontrol_center - Gadgets Informer


The other great feature of iOS 7 is automatic app updating. By this, the users no long have to update each app constantly. The new software will automatically do so. If you want to take the advantage of this software, you will firstly need to activate it. This feature was requested by the US Senator John McCain.

Disable-Auto-Updates-Gadgets Informer


Apple has been developed the Music app in iOS 7 with the addition feature of iTunes radio. This new feature will let the users to stream the music free of cost with ads in between. You will find this feature hiding in the music app this new feature really looks similar to the internet radio service Pandora. Unfortunately, the iTunes radio has not been released in Australia yet.

iOS Radio - Gadgets Informer


Have you noticed something really new in the latest clock app icon? Go back and see with a closer look. It is an actual clock which is working and moving with its 3 hands. This is pretty interesting touch from the Apple.

CLOCK ICON - Gadgets Informer

  1. SIRI:

With the iOS 7, you will notice the new male and female voices in siri. It has been more improved in iOS 7 and it produces the sound more human than before. You can draw information from Twitter and Wikipedia. Moreover, you can ask to siri that what people are chatting about in Twitter. Majority of the iPhone users love Siri, and they do twice after having it on iOS 7.

SIRI-Gadgets Informer


Apple wants to bring an organization to hundreds of photos by using the informative camera. Means: the camera which also record the information of a photo that where and when they were shot. This effort is only to organize them into Moments, Collections and Years. The other interesting news about iOS is that, you can apply filters on your photos with the help of iOS camera app. So, you do not have to upload it on instagram anymore. There are nine filters which you can apply before or after taking pictures.

PHOTO APP-Gadgets Informer

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