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Indians are the most addicted to Smartphones around the world, Says Global Survey

by onDecember 15, 2014

Do not be surprised, if you see people in buses, trains, cars or even in bicycles continuously using their Smartphones, because they are on the same list of those millions of Indians using their Smartphones as due to an addiction. According to the global survey by B2X care solution, the leading provider of customer care for Smartphones worldwide, a new research have been found that the Indians are the most addicted to Smartphones all around the world.

As per the research, nearly 57 percent of Indian cannot live without their Smartphones. It was also discovered that 98 percent Indians sleep with their Smartphones and 835 keep it on their body or within the reach every time. It makes them the most addicted to Smartphones from top five Smartphone regions globally. Few percent of Indians said that they would give up their television for a week but not their Smartphone.

When do you use your Smartphone most of the day? It has found that 45 percent use their Smartphones late at night on bed and 23 percent use while taking dinner. 60 percent out of the whole population of India want to purchase most technologically advanced Smartphone device without any compromise.

The survey polled out that the Smartphone users are from 16 to 65 years old who have their personal Smartphone devices. They committed the statement that most of the people used to check their Smartphones minimum within every 10 minutes and maximum in 30 minutes as they have become addicted to Smartphones. This dependence over mobile devices having physical and mental effects. There are nearly about 518 respondents from the United States, 535 from Germany, 507 from India, 515 from China and 503 from Brazil.

The Germans are the least addicted to Smartphones as only 50 percent from them keep their phone on their body or within the reach during the day. While, nearly 63 percent of the Brazilians found to spend at least 3 hours on their Smartphones during day time. This makes them the most extensive device users.

On the other hand, the survey has found that Chinese spend most of their money on Smartphones. Means, they spend at least $250 while purchasing a Smartphone device and 80 percent of them own two or more Smartphone devices, which they used to replace after a year.

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