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Facebook Artificial Intelligence Tool To Prevent Uploading Embarrassing Photos

by onDecember 16, 2014

Facebook is planning to build an Artificial Intelligence Tool that would prevent people to post such embarrassing photos on social networking site. Majority of the people has been a victim to an embarrassing tag or picture on Facebook that they have to regret for. So, this is a good news that Zuckerberge and his company are currently working to find out the solution with the help of new technology regarding this problem.

The new upcoming software got the name as “Digital Assistant” that would recognize every embarrassing or annoying photos and the artificial intelligence (AI) will analyze the content of your photo and then it will prevent you and warn you before you upload any embarrassing photo. The appearance of this upcoming new software was made by the head of Facebook Intelligence Research Lab, Yann LeCun. The LeCun and his whole team are effectively working on the technology that would create Facebook tool to prevent embarrassment.

The Yann LeCun said, that whenever you are about to post any embarrassing photo it will ask you a warning question as:

“Uh, this is being posted publicly. Are you sure you want your boss or your mom to see this?” Facebook AI.

This question might stop you to post any annoying photo due to which you would regret soon.

The new tool Digital Assistant ( Embarrassment prevention ) will prevent this problem and will give cautions with the help of Facebook Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) Tool which is also well-known as “deep learning” — a technology equipped by Yann LeCun and other academies. This tool will track the behavior of your content and identify faces on your picture. The technology will notice each person in your image —– your pose, your face, what you wear, and other else. By this way, the digital assistant is keeping us from drunkenly posting pictures on Facebook as well as from ruining our lives.

LeCun and his group are also looking forward to an Artificial Intelligence system that it might help them to know more Facebook information through some other ways. Unfortunately, we do not have any idea or confirmation that when the tool will get appear on Facebook. As the Wired says;


“It is an experiment in progress, so until we have Facebook looking after us, just do not use Facebook whenever you are drunk”.

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