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Twitter And Foursquare Are Partnering To Improve The Location In Tweets

by onDecember 17, 2014

The Social Networking Site Twitter is reportedly planning to partnership with the local search mobile app Foursquare from the next year. This is about to take benefits of Foursquare’s treasure power of location data in tweets. Meanwhile, this news is according to Business Insider Sources, who said that Twitter want to create a location layer to its platform through the help of foursquare app. This partnership would introduce geo-based features and location recommendation with specific location context. The geo-based features could make their appearance as soon as in the first quarter.

The Foursquare has been launched in the year of 2009, and since then it has been providing personalized recommendation of places to go based on a user’s current location. You must be thinking that what sort of location-based features will twitter and foursquare work on together? Actually, Twitter’s location features are very limited. It will tell where the user is, when he or she signs up and where the user moves. This feature will allow every tweet’s to be determined. For example, when you tweet about visiting a new city or country you will automatically get some recommendations of the other popular places to visit or it will show the list of the well-known places and some tips on what’s hot on the menu today. This recommendation would help you and familiar you with all the new.

From the past few weeks, Twitter has been planning with all of its efforts to gather data on its users partnering with Foursquare. A Twitter spokesperson told to Business Insider:

“Our goal is to take those learning and scale them to the rest of the world”.

According to the report of Business Insider:

“If the social networks reach a deal, tweet could include location information such as a country, city or venue — as early as next year.”

Twitter is independently started to make a staff in the location department. It has recently hired a geo lead from Foursquare, he is David Blackman. Moreover, the Twitter has also posted a geo-engineering job which is listed on its website. The Twitter spokesperson has declined to admitting to the partnership with foursquare yet, but there are some facts that reflects the partnering of the both companies and Twitter has been noticed few important ways to improve its service through Foursquare. This partnership will be an equally big deal for Foursquare. So, let’s see what will happen on the next year.

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