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Facebook Now Automatically Enhance Your Photo In Latest App Update

by onDecember 22, 2014

Facebook has recently added a new feature for its Mobile Facebook Application users. This feature will automatically enhance your photo which you are about to post on the social network from your mobile devices. According to the Techcrunch, the newly developed feature will enhance your photo in latest app with shadow, clarity and light in the most better way. You can easily control the level of enhancement or if you think that your photo will already look better without any enhancement, then you will surely be able to convert it on your original form without any difficulty.

As everyone on Facebook seems to share or upload photos through mobile devices, Facebook thought to develop the automatic photo enhancement feature for the photos uploaded from your Smartphones and after a great response, they felt that it was rather a great idea. This is also because the competition of different photo- sharing applications which has becoming higher with the passage of time such as, we can see numerous wonderful features in Instagram, Snapchat and in Pinterest. This is the social need that every popular app should create different sort of excited and interesting features on their apps that the people love to have!

Actually, we all really love to be a great photographer as we love better look images, but often we could not take better pictures according to our choice. Therefore, for this purpose, we should be grateful to all the social media apps that amazingly enable us to make our photos beautiful by using their superb photo editing department and no doubt, the department is full of interesting filters and tools that are available in almost all the photo editing apps.

We also have noticed an issue from the users that while uploading photos, it automatically get improved or much brighter and looks much clear without adding any input from them. For this issue, you have to tap the wand whenever you start to post your photo to stop this automatic improving of your image if you do not like the enhancement.

The new updated feature is currently available only for iOS users and the company has not announced yet that when it will be available for Android users.

  • Do you think it will make your pictures look better?

  • Are you really conscious about to post the better look pictures while uploading on Facebook?

Let me know your best opinion here!

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