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Eliminate Travel Frustration with These Best Travel Apps

by onDecember 25, 2014

With the launch of the Holiday extras app which is available in the Apple store and Google play store, I thought that it would be more beneficial if I mention some of the most helpful and best travel apps which will play truly helpful role on your next journey. So, out of 17,000 travel apps on the market, we have sort out some most interesting apps for you. Let’s have a look below:

  1. TRIPIT:

A very clever app — this would be better if we call this instead of TripIt. No doubt, this clever apps does a lot of functions as well as it is much helpful for us and especially ideal for business travellers. The TripIt app collates data from flights, hotel, rental cars or even dinner reservation and then it forwards confirmation emails automatically to your inbox and creates itinerary for your holidays. As the TripIt works with more than 250 travel sites and agencies, it also provides weather forecast, maps directions, notes, destinations and pictures even without the need to access internet.



Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile 7.

Cost: Free


Feeling hungry on a trip? Let’s download the food spotting app to find out about the most delicious dishes available in restaurants all around the world. Where you are, it doesn’t matter, just simply type the city or the country name then you will find out the popular restaurants with most popular and specific dishes of each place. This dish discovery app is truly much helpful for the travellers because it works to seek out all the edible things they are looking for.



Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile 7 and soon in Blackberry.

Cost: Free


As we all know — there is no vacation or holiday enjoyment without posting the pictures to prove it. Moreover, as we heard that the WiFi makes the world round, but it could no longer become true when it comes to travel. So, in case of this issue, there is a best app called Wi-Fi Finder on your device. Just download the app and make it proved to your friends that you actually left the home for holidays. When you find the location you want to use, the app will provide a phone number and a direction for how to get there. You can reserve a table at a popular coffee place by using the Wi-Fi accessibility.



Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Windows Mobile 7.

Cost: Free


You can now download your city guide including restaurants, hotels, attractions and much more around the globe. Moreover, you can pursue more opinions, reviews and photos to different hotels and restaurants in which you are interested. With the help of this travel guide, you will surely get your holiday trip according to your plan.




Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Palm and Windows Mobile 7.

Cost: Free


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