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Facebook Launches ‘Sticker for Messenger’ App Allow Users to Add Stickers on Friend’s Faces

by onDecember 25, 2014

Surprisingly, there is something really unexpected – last week, Facebook has launched a separate app for its Messenger Stickers that allows the users to add stickers to your photos and then send them to your friends through Messenger. The most interested thing in it is that you can now easily put emoticons and cute cartoons over your friend’s faces as well as onto all the pictures you have snapped with your Smartphone. Isn’t it interesting?

This new launched is known as ‘Sticker for Messenger’, it was firstly launched only on Google play store and today it has launched on iOS platform too. The app Sticker for Messenger 52 different categories of emoticons without the requirement of Facebook log-in. Facebook has gifted the latest Messenger app with the new features of upcoming occasions. The list of recently added updated features on Messenger app are:

  1. Frames for New Year’s Eve Selfies
  2. Snow Globe chat heads
  3. Holiday inspired sticker pack
  4. Christmas themes updates

Facebook says that this addition will be last only for “The Holidays”, not a moment longer. If you have Messenger installed, you will get these addition appeared for a short period of time.

In the words of the company:

Stickers and Photos both are the most popular ways that people express themselves on Messenger. This is a fun experiment to see how people combine the two.

The new app has been developed by Facebook’s Creative Labs mobile design studio. It is the first companion app for Messenger. This is really a charming and most amusing feature that Zukerberge and his company had created. It allows a lot creative approach to photo-sharing. Moreover, you can also send the stickered photos saved on your gallery via any other app instead of Messenger, if you like.


— Put as many stickers as you want.

— Stick them on before or after you snap a photo.

— You can decorate photos from your camera roll too.

— Drag, pinch, stretch and rotate stickers.

— Add captions to complete the scene.

— Now send your creations to your friends via Messenger.

— You can also add these stickers to the images previously saved in your gallery.

It’s a Sticker time! Let’s add cute characters, put huge smiley faces on your pictures and add more fun according to your wish. Is there something to add in the story? Comment below:

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