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Top Five Text Message Replacement Applications for Android

by onDecember 28, 2014

Texting is the thing we cannot imagine anything without it. Don’t you believe me? Just imagine at once, as we have the replacement from the simple mobile devices to Smartphones and the texting service does not exist on this new device. Then what will you do? Certainly, I will throw my device out of the door. So, it means there is nothing without texting. It is simply impossible. Fortunately, there are a lot of text message replacement apps with a handful of wonderful features we have got.

Despite that all, we are discussing here the best features of the best texting applications on your Android phones that allows you to send SMS, photo messages and even voice messages to your contacts. Below are some of the most common, most interesting as well as most beneficial texting apps that everyone love to use!


Top Five Text Message Replacement Applications for Android


WhatsApp is probably a well-known and most popular messaging app with more than 400 million active users. You have to register your phone number on this app for the first time then, you are allowed to send messages to anyone on your contact that is also using the same app. WhatsApp completes all your basic needs of messaging service in the best way. The messages including pictures, voices message, audio, video and you can create a group chat too.

It only works with your phone number as it does not require usernames, pictures, pins or passwords. The other reason of its popularity is that it is really customizable. Likewise, this is really easy to use this app for messaging others via your Smartphones.


Top Five Text Message Replacement Applications for Android

Hangout is an official application which allows you to make voice and video calls as well as it supports text messaging service. Moreover, it does not require that the person who get your message also use hangouts, but just that they have only a Google account or a phone number.

Hangout also supports video calls, group messaging, voice calls, and also you can send your location to your friends in conversation. By using Hangout, you can send and receive both SMS and MMS messages.


Top Five Text Message Replacement Applications for Android

As like WhatsApp, Viber also requires your actual phone number and allows you to start IM conversation. It lets you to make voice, video calls and free texting service. You can also use it to share videos, photos and can start group conversation with up to 100 participants. It even allows to follow public conversation with celebrities and companies, just like twitter feed. You can use Viber with both phones and tablet and there is a desktop app too, so you can enjoy full screen Viber while using desktop. It has also got a timeline where you can post status, share videos and your photos for all your Viber friends to see.

4. EvolveSMS: (FREE)

Top Five Text Message Replacement Applications for Android

EvolveSMS is one of the most stylish applications available on app store. This app is like streamlined design which allows you to start conversation into the conversation list tabs which is placed at the left edge of the screen. You have to swipe up that list to start conversation. The EvolveSMS app has really a unique design and features including group messaging, variety of themes, an optional pop-up reply window, iOS emoji and much more that you would notice while using.

There is no more app which looks like the EvolveSMS but, hello SMS much resembles with it. Furthermore, you can block phone numbers which you want to stop sending you messages.

5. Chomp SMS: (FREE)

Top Five Text Message Replacement Applications for Android

The Chomp SMS app has downloaded by 10 million users around the world. Actually, it is very customizable. You can see pictures of Fluffu and Fido as your background wallpaper in messaging app. You can send and receive SMS , block unwanted phone numbers as well as you can make a schedule whether you want to texts to send, stop, long-hold on conversation list to blacklist them and much more.

This app was exclusive only for iOS users but now it is available for everyone and offers huge range of useful features. Moreover, it is also capable of MMS.

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