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Samsung to Introduce New 360 Degree Speakers Look like Friendly Robots

by onJanuary 4, 2015

About a week before, at the Customer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 —- The South Korean company Samsung has unveiled the pair of new 360 Degree Speakers which could produce about 360-degrees sound from each point source. The company has showed their audience a little preview about their product as actually they will officially launch it at the event of CES 2015 in Las Vegas. There is two pair of 360 Degree Speakers which are known as model WAM7500 and model WAM6500. These 360 Degree Speakers are utilizing proprietary “Ring Radiator” core which usually allows the sound to be flow in a 360 degree radius, about which Samsung says: They will start functioning and producing sound while maintaining perfect balance between treble and bass. It promises to produce room filling sound ever.
Although, the 360 degree speakers are not new — there are various devices including UE Boom, Bluetooth speakers, spit out sound in a circle — but Samsung’s new speakers are pretty different according to their gorgeous look. The large one portable WAM7500 is a “Stand Type” which is designed to be in a left side place. This actually looks like as a table-oriented, 31st century desk lamp, while the portable WAM6500 looks like a kettle of the kitchen which includes a built-in battery and it is “movable type”. People can enjoy their impressive sound quality from wherever they are.

Both devices display Bluetooth logo showing as they are capable to wirelessly connect with any sound sources by using the wireless technology.

According to the press release:

“Both new speakers seamlessly connect to TVs, sound-bars and mobile devices “.

The both speakers will be able to play music from any Smartphone via Bluetooth with streaming with both the local and Web sources. The both new speakers are the first which were developed at Samsung’s new audio lab in Valencia, California.

According to the Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics, Jurack Cha:

“We know how much people love music and that is why we are expanding our range to bring high-quality, wireless audio into the home”

Samsung says that the 360 Degree Speakers are fully compatible according to the company’s Shape Multiroom System released on the last year. The availability and price of the 360 Degree Speakers has not been announced yet. Hope so, Samsung will be able to disclose further information about its new speakers later on next year but, it will be not too far off.

Have a stunning sound with gorgeous look everywhere!

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