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String Messaging Application Allows The Users To Delete Sent Messages Permanently

by onJanuary 7, 2015

What do you feel whenever you hit the send button and soon realize that you have sent wrong message to the wrong person? I think everybody wish to somehow remove the message from that recipient’s mobile phone. Fortunately, there is an app for this purpose known as “String Messaging Application”. But unfortunately, only iOS users could get benefits of this app free of cost. The new Strings app wonderfully allows the users to delete messages from any conversation they want to do. Now the people can send messages anyone to their contacts and easily take them back whenever they want.

The iOS app “String” was recently launched in US, allowing the users to send images, videos, pictures, messages and audios to the people using the same app — like WhatsApp — With the wide range of privacy control platform, the sender can setup some personal security terms such as selecting the number of people who can save or download their images and videos from the String app. The sender can even remove the messages or entire conversation permanently from the other person’s mobile devices.

The String app won’t allow the users to save or download images, videos or anything else without the permission of the sender. Moreover, if the sender removes itself from the conversation, String will instantly remove all of its previous and current messages automatically and permanently. The process of “untexting” is developed by the app’s developer, the Seattle-based Be Labs Company.

According to Be Labs:

“The beta testing of the app, which begin in October, has now been successfully completed”

The String app is also based on your phone number just like WhatsApp. Similarly, you can start conversation to all the people which are on your contact book. The removal of messages will only work when all the people of your contact have string installed on their Smartphones. The developers did not provide any information about the availability of this app for the users of Android devices.

Now, there is nothing to worry about more longer, you can freely communicate with everyone using the same app and even if you sent a wrong message to someone, you can remove it within a second permanently from the conversation. Actually, the String app works to eliminate or to prevent people from sending unsuitable and embarrassing texts, photos or videos to a wrong person. With its high privacy setup, no one can make mistakes of sending wrong messages until they do not want so.

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