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Google Launches ‘Chrome Remote Desktop App’ for iOS Users

by onJanuary 13, 2015

Do you want to control your computer through your iPhone? Luckily, it has become quiet easier. After the launch of an application for Android devices last April, Google has also launched an Application for iOS users on Monday. You can log into your computer from your iPad or iPhone much easily. This new application is named as Chrome Remote Desktop App. This iOS app will let you to remotely control the computer by using your iOS devices:

Venturebeat Reported.

Like other various remote control applications, this app will also help you to access your computer and to get any key information whenever you are far away to your home or office. It proves itself much beneficial as it amazingly allows the users to access files while travelling or when they urgently needed.

Google has been launching similar applications since 2011 but, majority of the previous apps were to be paid. However, the new versions are completely free of cost. Now the iOS users also get fun with the remote control application. Simply, what you have to do is just to download Chrome Remote Desktop App from the Apple Store and then set it up on your device. The security PIN code will be required in the initial setup. This security PIN is to ensure that only you can remotely access a machine.

Same like an Android Application, the iOS version also required Chrome Extension to be installed on your PC to make a connection of both devices. When you installed the app, there will appeared two modes in which the app would enable to work; Touch Mode and Trackpad Mode. On the Touch mode, tapping on the screen will be same as on Smartphones while, on the Trackpad mode, a mouse pointer will be visible. The users would have to control the mouse by swiping over the screen and tapping, which will simulate left click.

The Application further provides some additional features in both modes and it works only on devices that runs iOS 7.0 respectively. The app is available on the iOS Store for free. Currently, there is no news about if the Google ‘Chrome Remote Desktop App’ will be available for Blackberry and Windows Phone Users or not.

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