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SciNet Search Engine Claims To Be Faster Than Google And Help People To Search Efficiently

by onJanuary 30, 2015

Researchers have develop a new search engine that they claim to be extra efficient than Google, and it would help people to do searches extra efficiently. This is the SciNet search engine that has developed by the researchers at the Helsinki Institute for Information and Technology (HIIT). The SciNet search engine has been built for fast and efficient use on touch-screens with a radar-type display, the users can swipe up instead of scrolling down a list-based search engines such as Google. The SciNet search engine is different from others because changes the internet searches into recognition tasks by displaying similar keywords related to the user’s search in the topic radar.

A new radar-style search engine outperforms all the current rivals – including Google, the creators claim.

By using SciNet search engine, people can get relevant and diverse search results even more faster when the users do not know what they are exactly looking for, or they have no idea about how to ask an authentic query to find it. Because, it is often seem to be hard for the people to actually write into an exact phrase or words what they are looking for.

As soon as you queried, SciNet will display a maximum range of keywords and similar topics in a topic radar. Then, by the help of the directions on the radar, the engine will display how these topics are related to each other. With the radar topic display, the users easily specify that what is most useful for them among the varieties of topics.

Said by The Project Coordinator Tuukka Ruotsalo!

“The SciNet search engine solved these problems. It is easy for people to recognize that what information they require from the options offered by the SciNet search engine than to type it themselves”

The most related keyword will be displayed at near to the distance from the centre point of radar — the more closely related will be nearer and the less related will be farther away from the centre point.

The SciNet creators have now founded a company, termed as ‘Etsimo Ltd’ to commercialize the search engine. And, you can apply for a demo via the site.

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