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How to Get a Copy of Your Entire Twitter History by Short Process

by onJanuary 31, 2015

Twitter is absolutely great for real-time news and latest updates, and more than 450 million tweets have been created every day. Hence, searching out the history of your previous tweet on a specific topic was less efficient and much harder. Likewise, finding out any of your tweet of the past years such as tweet of 2010 or 2013 was near to impossible. But, it also has become possible now. In this tutorial I will tell you how to get a copy of your entire twitter history.

Merely, to turn this matter into possibility, a San Francisco-based social analytic company Topsy has taken further steps by opening up an archive of Twitter’s entire history to the public. The complete history has including more than 450 billion videos, images, blog posts, tweets, location pins and pictures. The micro-blogging site Twitter was previously allows the users to see a portion of their Twitter history, but now we have got an easy way to get a copy of everything we want. This might be a superb way to explore your past tweets much easily.

Today, we are telling you the ability to download your Twitter archive, and then you will get all your tweets from the beginning to the present. Now, you only have to request your Twitter archive, which contains a searchable collection of every Tweet that you have ever made since making your Twitter account. Once you download your Twitter archive, you will be able to view your all previous tweets by searching through months, or with certain words, phrases, #hashtags and @usernames.

Firstly, make yourself completely sure that you really want to see your previous tweets. Then, follow the concise guidance below:

Here is How to Get a Copy of Your Entire Twitter History!

1. Pop into your Settings

How to Get a Copy of Your Entire Twitter History by Short Process

2. Now, scroll to the bottom of your settings, where you will see a big option that says “Request your archive”. Click that button.

How to Get a Copy of Your Entire Twitter History by Short Process

Then, you would have to wait for a while as the Twitter will send you an email as soon as the archive will get prepared.

After that, you will get an email with a download link of your entire Twitter history. You can download the link later on.

You are done. 🙂

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