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How To Turn Off Samsung Smart TV Spying Feature

by onFebruary 14, 2015

Recently, news about Samsung Smart TV spying on the voices has been creating a great stir in the media. Although Samsung has repeatedly assured that this scenario is highly unlikely to occur but still people are suspicious that their private or family conversations can be over heard by a third party, because there is still a possibility.

The company Samsung claims that “We are not spying on you through TVs, Promise.” Whereas they are also trying to satisfy their customers with logically describing that its microphone equipped LEDs listen for a particular set of commands, the remote control microphone works only when someone hit the button to “SAY”.

But if still you are afraid of being over heard then there is a simple way this can be avoided, by turning off the voice-recognition feature of the Smart TV.

Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Press the menu button on the remote and go to the Settings menu.

  2. Scroll to Smart Features and press select.

  3. Then scroll down until you reach Voice Recognition and disable that setting.

How To Turn Off Samsung Smart TV Spying Feature

Here you go. Now the voice-recognition feature is turned off and you can have any kind of discussion in your TV lounge or living room without the fear of being over heard.

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