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Some Useful Google Searches You Should Know About

by onMarch 4, 2015

Google is the most popular search engine with more than 86% of search market share. Google provide us all the answers of our queries regarding to every topics. The people just have to type on Google search anything they want to find, and frequently they get millions of search results of that query. However, Most of us use Google as only a search engine, but Google is more than just a search engine you may not know about. There are some special Google searches, and these special searches give us direct results for what we are looking for. Let’s have a look at some of the special Google search tools.


Some Useful Google Searches You Should Know About

Many few people know that Google search of mathematical expression will give you a frequent answer of that expression. As the calculator is a most important part of life, Google has its own calculator tool; you can open the Google calculator tool by just typing calculator on its search box. Google’s calculator is able to handle parenthesized calculations, advanced math and physical constants as well.


Some Useful Google Searches You Should Know About

This is another most important thing we do use at any time when needed. Hence, Google also has a dictionary tool, you just have to type the word you want to know about on the search box, and know the exact meaning of that word with complete related information. You will also be able to listen how to pronounce the word.


Some Useful Google Searches You Should Know About

This is such a best tool by Google. If you want to know the weather condition of any place, you will have to simply type weather follower by the place name. Google will show the weather of that place with complete details. Furthermore, this tool also works for locality. You can find the weather condition of locality you are living with whole week prediction.


Some Useful Google Searches You Should Know About

This is another best feature of Google search that wonderfully allows the users to convert units of measure. This feature can be used to convert temperature, volume, speed, area, time and other else. You will find a converted figure of all. You just have to type Unit Conversion in Google search box or type there your unit conversion query (Ex. 1 KM to M) in Google search and get satisfactory results.


Some Useful Google Searches You Should Know About

When you are looking for a movie to go and seeat the cinema, Google search will help you to decide what to watch, when and where. Type “showtimes” in the Google search, then it will bring up the cinema listings of your country or if you are looking for a specific movie, then type “showtime: movie name,” to find out details. It will bring up the listing of that film.

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