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Best Android Camera Applications

by onMarch 10, 2015

No doubt, an excellent photography is a huge deal of these days. And similarly if we talk about present days so there are a lot of convenient ways to be a perfect photographer as well as to make the images better ones. The Smartphone owners have a flexibility to choose from a wide platform of best android camera applications with handful of exciting features that are really different and quite unique. As there are a huge variety of best Android camera apps that you love to use, here we are discussing about some of them with their wonderful features. Let’s have a look below:


Google camera was launched at the earliest of 2014. It is a pretty functional camera app and it is highly rated. This camera app comes with an easy to use layout and some unique shooting modes and photo aids. The app contain a touch to focus, grid overlays, a timer, an HDR settings, photosphere, panoramic mode, lens blur as well as video capture. The app claims that the Photosphere or Lens blur will allow you to take a different kind of picture. One important thing is must to inform you that all these features are dependent on what Smartphone you are using. Not all the phones can use all of these features. Hence you can save your time.


Cymera is another camera app for Android that is also most popular and high rated. We could focus on the exciting filters that come in Cymera, there are some most interesting features that Cymera offers and we could see them deeper into the app. The most interesting one allow you to overlay decorations to add more fun on your photos, and free draw on images.The other most exciting feature is a facial detection. Means you can edit faces of subjects after capturing a photo as it is also known for taking pictures of people’s faces. However, you can turn the face features into bigger eyes, bigger smile, become slimmer and much more. The Cymera app offers other standard features such as filters, effects and other editing goodness.


Camera zoom FX is the next in our list of best camera apps for Android. The Camera Zoom FX comes with different approach of using effects and filters. You do not have to choose pre-made filters and effects, as the Camera Zoom FX allow you to choose multiple effects and create your own filter. Unless you’re feeling lazy, there are few numbers of pre-made ones so that you can choose from.

The app comes with multiple shot modes such as burst, timed activated and a steady shot helper. There are some other settings such as saturation, brightness, hardware button control, HDR, ISO, composition overlays and many more.


Paper camera is also among the most popular and high rated camera apps for Android. We can recommend you the one of the best Paper Camera app, as we love to have the beautiful sketch style filter that it provides. These sketch filters are also be provided in real-time, means that you can see how your image is going to be look before you snap it, so you can line up the perfect shot with the filter already applied. There are 14 exciting filters to choose from, they can also be applied while recording videos and you can also use them on existing images. You would surely like the sketchy effects it wonderfully provides.


Camera 360 Ultimate is the best among all the camera apps for Android. It comes with numerous features, filters and shot mode. The best “Effect Camera” wonderfully allow you to apply a variety of filters and special effects along with special shooting modes. Moreover, there is another amazing feature known as “Selfie Camera” mode that has numerous enhancements for bringing out skin tone and visual ambiance to provide you exactly what you want.

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