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Top 5 Voice Recording Applications For Android

by onApril 15, 2015

Android phones and tablets comes with built-in audio recorder. Some people use this to record voice and audio for entertainment purposes or to send personal greeting voice messages to friends. There are various voice recording applications for Android users and we have to choose the one from the the store. This often make us confuse. So, this is why we are here to help you to choose the best Android voice recording application from the below list, this might help you and reduce your confusion of seeking the best one. There are top 5 voice recording applications for android devices that you can easily install from the Google Play Store.

1. Easy Voice Recorder App.

Easy Voice Recorder is an easy-to-use voice recording application that offers high-quality PCM format and output WAV files with clear sound. The users can quickly start voice recording without launching the app, all they need to tap the widget button. There is also a paid version available that is providing you more premium features such as record stereo quality audio. The app is also able to provide filter out device generated sounds for Android users.

2. Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is a free voice recording application that offers high-quality sounds with great functionality. It can be use to record business meetings or any other important events. You will have the option to choose the sound quality with which sound is recorded, from 8Hz to 44Hz. This is very essential, well-design and very easy to use.

The record button on other recording apps is either small or situated at an odd place but this app has got a giant red record button. So, one of the best thing in this voice recording app is the big red record button.

3. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder for Android is nothing but very simple and fastest way to record your voice, messages or anything wherever you are. All you have to do is to press REC button and press it again when done. With this app, you can find a specific recording without having to go through the entire list. You can also send the recordings via email and set the recording as your phone’s ringtone. The application has a great white and red color scheme that looks good.

4. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

This application is also very simple to use. It supports high quality audio recording as long as your device supports.The recorded files can be saved in four formats including WMA, WAV, OOG and MP3. It also allows you to send your recorded files by email, Bluetooth and share them to Google Drive, Evernote, Skype, SoundCloud, Catch, Dropbox and WhatsApp.

5. Tape-A-Talk Voice Recorder

Tap-a-Talk is another best voice recording application that offers both high and low quality recordings, you can change from the settings. The app is able to record voice notes, audio, voice memos and support recording in the background. The Tape-a-Talk Android voice recorder supports OGG and WAV formats with the features to send and share files to other social networking platforms. It further allows you to select a recording as a ringtone.

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