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5 Best iOS Apps For Creating a Perfect Selfie!

by onMay 16, 2015

Taking selfies is a latest trend. Everyone like to capture selfies and share it on social media. Likewise, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very popular to share selfies. Majority people are very conscious about taking selfies. They want to have a perfect selfie in all aspects. Even they spend most of their time by using attractive features to enhance their selfies. Meanwhile, the developers are also trying their best to develop best selfie apps for selfie lovers. That’s why there are a lot of selfie applications available on both Android and iOS platform. But, don’t be confuse by seeking the best ones among them. Here we are listing 5 best iOS apps to create a perfect selfie. Lets have a look below!

1. Facetune:

Facetune app is one of the best selfie app available on iOS platform. It wonderfully offers various makeup and retouching features. It lets you smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, brighten dark circles, widen your smile, remove pimples and blemishes, change your eye color, apply makeup, add color to your lips, adjust focus and much more things. There are a lot of beneficial features which are hard to cover in this short summary.

You can download it from Apple Play Store for free.

2. Selfie Cam App:

This is another popular iOS app for selfies available in the app store. The Selfie Cam app is specially developed for selfie lovers. It offers features like smile to snap, add stickers, add frames, decorate photo, and share on Instagram, Facebook and on other social media sites.

You can download it from Apple Play Store for free.

3.Perfect 365:

Perfect 365 is another best selfie app available in iOS devices. It is best for retouching a photo in various ways. It comes with 20 powerful beauty tools, allows you to beautify your face in different ways. This iOS app can automatically detect your face and some key points like eyes, nose etc. So, working with this app is quite easy. You can also share photos to various social networking sites directly from Perfect 365 iOS app.

You can download it from Apple Play Store for free.

4. The MomentCam:

If you have not tried the MomentCam iOS app, then its must for you. Just take a selfie and then make a moving emoticon or imaginary picture. When making emoticons, you first have to adjust your face. Then choose the face shape and hair style. There are a lot of themes and characters to try on.

You can download it from Apple Play Store for free.

5. Selfie Cam:

If you really need to have a dedicated app, then you should go with Selfie Cam. It boosts up directly into the selfie mode and you get a couple of options to spice up your selfie. You will also get stickers in this app such classics as “swag”, “love” and sotally tober.

You can download it from Apple Play Store for free.

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