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Silk Would Be New Green Material for Next Generation Batteries

by onMay 23, 2015

Are you frustrated with your smartphone battery? Is that dying again and again? Just wait till “green” silk comes to your rescue. No doubt that millions of gadgets today are being powered by lithium-ion batteries from portable gadgets such as your smartphones, tablets and even laptop to electric cars, but as they cause much frustration for consumers as they do not last long without a recharge. So in this case, the Chinese researchers have reported in the journal ACS Nano about the development of a latest ‘ green’ way to boost the performance of these batteries with a material derived from the natural silk. Hence, silk would be a new Green material for next generation batteries. Scientist says.

Chuanbao Cao and his colleagues have noted that carbon is a key component in commercial Li-ion energy storage devices including batteries and super capacitors. Most commonly, graphite fills that role, but it has a limited energy capacity, researchers said.

The manufacturers are looking for an alternative material to replace graphite in order to improve energy storage. Therefore, Chuanbao Cao and his team really wanted to see if they could develop such an alternative material using a sustainable source at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

The researchers have already found a way to process natural silk to create carbon-based nanosheets that could be used in energy storage devices. And in the result, they have found that their material stores five times more lithium than graphite can – a capacity that is critical to improving battery performance. It also has worked for over 10,000 cycles with only a 9 percent loss in stability.

The researchers have successfully incorporated their material in prototype batteries and super capacitors in one-step method that could easily scaled up, the researchers note.

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