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Google Photos: Google Launches Its Service With Unlimited Storage

by onJune 3, 2015

Google has launched today a standalone, the unlimited photo and video service known as Google Photos The Google Photos service is totally free of cost. It has unlimited storage, editing and sharing service. It is available for both Android and iOS devices as well as for the desktop users.

With the unlimited storage for both images and videos, Google Photos may create every other photo storage service, that charge from users after a fixed storage limit.

The new service ‘Google Photos’ wants to be the home for all of your videos and images. That’s why Google is providing unlimited free storage. It is maintaining the original resolution of images up to 16 megapixels and 1080p videos.

One more important thing to inform you is, all of the images and videos you’ll save and organize in Google Photos will be for only your sight. No one can see your stuffs at all. Moreover, you can easily post or share your photos to any social network sites. And if you want your friends to see your photos so you can create a web gallery for your friends to view and also download if they want whenever they logged in to the Google account.

You can all take advantage of the unlimited storage capacity option. The are files greater than 16MP, so they will be downsized and saved at 16MP. The one who is looking to save more higher resolution images, so the app also offers an ‘Original’ storage configuration that will maintain original files without compression.

For save, delete or edit photos, you just have to press and drag your finger to select the photos you want from your camera roll, It would be much better if you do this all on the desktop. You can swipe up to the left of the app to bring up a photos assistant, which can automatically edits your photos and videos— a popular Google+ feature.

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